Each team will be responsible for their own vehicle, which will travel to the next relay transition stop ahead of their runner. As soon as the first runner takes off, the rest of the team will go to their car and drive to the 1st transition stop, park the car and wait at the designated place for their runner to come in. Once the first runner comes in, the 2nd runner will take off and the team will get back in their car and drive to the next stop. This process will continue until the 4th runner takes off from the 3rd transition stop, at which point the rest of the team will drive all the way to Newport on the Levee, park their car for the evening and walk the half-mile back to General James Taylor Park. Once their 4th runner arrives there, the entire team will run together for the last half-mile, crossing the finish line as a team.

Depending on the speed of each runner, the rest of the team will have 15-20 minutes at each relay transition stop, where there will be a variety of food, drinks and entertainment to revive and refresh along the journey…all part of this unique evening experience…uniquely Northern Kentucky.

*Specific maps and directions to each relay transition stop will be provided to runners when they pick up their packets before the race.

You can download the Course Map here:
Course Map (PDF download 1.6 MB)

Leg 1 (3.5 miles)
Begins under the Purple People Bridge in Newport and heads east along the riverfront. The route then heads through quaint downtown Bellevue along Fairfield Avenue, before turning out to the Manhattan Harbor in Dayton and running past the new $1 million+ homes being developed there. Then this leg finishes by returning to Bellevue and the peaceful Bellevue Beach Park along the river.

Leg 2 (4 miles)
Returns from the Bellevue Beach Park back through Bellevue and Newport, running along the entire riverfront, past the Purple People Bridge and the Levee, across the Licking River and into Covington. There it heads back to run along the Ohio River and then up and over the scenic Roebling suspension bridge, turning around in Ohio to return back to the Covington Landing and it’s fantastic views of Cincinnati.

Leg 3 (3.2 miles)
Is for the POWER runner, heading the rest of the way across Covington before heading UP the scenic hill to Devou Park. Traffic will be restricted along Devou Drive during this time to ensure the safety of runners. At the top of the hill, the route moves to the Devou Park Path and back past the edge of the golf course, the Behringer Crawford Museum, to lawn in front of the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky. From this vantage point, the view of the Cincinnati skyline and Ohio River below are without comparison and will leave even the non-runners “breathless.”

Leg 4 (4.2 miles)
Enjoys the same scenic route as Leg 3, but heading DOWN the hill this time, where it will be difficult to resist the temptation to stop for a scenic photo of the “close-up” Cinci skyline on the way down Western Avenue. The route heads all the way back across Covington and into Newport, where it stops a half-mile before the finish line for the entire relay team to join back together at General James Taylor Park.

The Last Half Mile is for the entire team, running together from the General James Taylor Park to the finish line at the Purple People Bridge, where they will celebrate with the crowd that will be gathering for the best party in town, with food, drinks and live music along the Newport riverfront.

The Last Half Mile….to the finish line at Newport’s Festival Park below the Levee, where they will celebrate with the crowd……with food, drinks and live music featuring the Naked Karate Girls band along the riverfront.